Thirteen Pound Baby!

Know this: the way had been paved a few years ago by the twelve-pound older brother! The airwaves were abuzz with the news of a virtual toddler born “naturally” aka vaginally.

The medical concerns here include:

  • Nine days past the due date – amnionic fluid levels are decreasing, placenta not functioning as well and the baby is just putting on weight.
  • Pushing for SIX hours is alarming and potentially dangerous- stressful on mom and baby, not to mention the uterine muscle…two hours is the average time for a woman to spend pushing.
  • To accomplish this birth vaginally- there HAD to have been an episiotomy and possibility instrumentation to assist the baby out vaginally…all with potential risks.
  • Newborn’s this size often need assistance to regulate their blood sugar- this means blood tests and careful monitoring to be sure they are stable and adjusting to the outside world.

Big babies? Anyone else have experience delivering “toddlers” into the world?

Image courtesy of Classic Kids Photography.

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